Wagon SINBAO 700C female models

Wagon 700C female

Color Blue, black, red, gray
Speeds 24 speed
Frame Aluminum 700C shaped tube
Frame Size 700C "* 17
Fork Taiwan Nobutaka CH-140 aluminum alloy
Chain KMC Z51 chain
Flywheel SHIMANO HG-41 8-speed positioning CP
Variable SHIMANO TX-50 Location
After the change SHIMANO M360 positioning
Shifting the SHIMANO EF-51 refers to pull conjoined
Brake control Taiwan Hung Kai disc
Rim Aluminum double knife ring + Labeling
Chainring Taiwan Hao Meng
Risers Taiwan Nobutaka adjustable aluminum sandblasted black
Drum Taiwan Queensland cane card
Tire Taiwan Shun Cheng Shin Tire + long black spokes
Axis Taiwan Celebration integrated with bearing
Foot Aluminum pedals

Wagon 700C female 1
Wagon 700C female 2

Wagon 700C female 3

Wagon 700C female 4

Wagon 700C female 5

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